About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy guides us to organize real estate projects that compliment and add significant value to the communities we serve.  Incorporating property acquisition and property development, our business plan reflects our dedication to making the metro D.C. area and Northern Virginia more livable, more accessible, and more sustainable for its residents. We are proud to have served the Northern Virginia region with distinction for over 30 years.

Schupp Companies with the help of its investors seeks properties that have outlived their attractiveness, are green field properties, and are located in revitalized or rapidly growing communities.

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Years in Business

Our Roots

We began 30 years ago as a small family owned business venture; today we remain streamlined and agile while building a strong, diverse portfolio and a track record that rivals those of much larger companies.
Our Vision

At Schupp Companies, we envision a future, consistent with our past, of financial growth realized through sound practices that benefit our investors, our company, and the communities we serve.

Our Strategy

We achieve our vision and goals by identifying and acquiring under-valued, under-performing income-producing properties and maximizing their valuation through creative, experience guided redevelopment and remarketing efforts.

Our Goals

  • To mitigate the risks inherent in individual properties by maintaining a diverse portfolio.
  • To achieve this diversified portfolio through direct investment in multi-family, office, retail, and hotel space for repositioning as well as strategic investment in debt on key properties primarily in the working DC SMSA.
  • To enhance the performance of our investments with creative and conservative use of leverage.

Our Capabilities

Vertical Integration

We maximize efficiency, streamline the decision-making process, and expedite all phases of portfolio management. Our tightly focused vertical structure enables us to investigate, analyze, and source remarketing, acquisition, and development projects in-house. We additionally provide full accounting, asset, and property management services.

A lifetime of beneficial relationships

Northern Virginia represents more than an investment opportunity to us. It is our home; and as such, the Schupp Companies team has developed strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all the key players in our target markets. Our valued friends and colleagues include property owners, insurance providers, and lending institutions — all crucial resources for creating and maintaining attractive investments.

ReMarketing and RePositioning

At Schupp Companies, we specialize in identifying opportunities and transforming their potential into profitable reality. To achieve this reality we create a thorough analysis of the property. Through a clear assessment of the robust data we collect, we formulate the correct path toward optimal financial results.

Proven Track Record

As our portfolio demonstrates, Schupp Companies has built a solid 30-year track record of structuring highly profitable deals within prime sub-markets of metro Washington D.C.